Sort Your Help (SYH) - Domestic Help Recruitment and Training


Given the often very busy schedule in most households, domestic help are now expected to have a broader skillset than ever.

We provide training for both staff who are currently employed and wish to add new skills, and also for prospective candidates seeking further professional training to make them more attractive to potential employers in the future.

We focus on three areas:

  • Housekeeping
  • Cooking (run regularly)
  • First Aid (on request)

In recognition of the growing demand for cooking skills in particular, in February 2019 Sort Your Help partnered with the brilliant Libby Gordon, a Norland-trained nanny and owner of the Happy Kitchen Food Company, to run cookery courses for both children and adults.

Libby’s company has a reputation for quality home-cooked, healthy food, and for fun courses based on teaching the essentials of cooking as well as developing more challenging skills. Clients can avail of Libby’s services for either their children or their Help, while Candidates seeking to up skill can also take part in her courses.