Sort Your Help (SYH) - Domestic Help Recruitment and Training


We charge an upfront search fee of £175 and then a placement fee on the placement of a suitable candidate.

It covers a detailed consultation with you, a search criteria which will be agreed with you, a specific search on your behalf including placing ads where applicable, the provision of suitable candidates, which in our professional opinion match your search criteria and reference and identity checks of all potential candidates.

The search fee is non refundable unless we are unable to produce any suitable candidates that match your agreed search criteria. Only in this unlikely event, would you get your search fee back less any advertising or other expenses incurred on your behalf.

Unfortunately the search fee is non refundable. If you find someone yourself then you would not pay us a placement fee.

If you change your search criteria in such a way that a new search would be required (eg change of start date or job description, or from live in to live out etc) then a new search fee would become payable to cover the new search.

Unlike an Agency, we do not have people on our books. Instead, we help determine what each of our clients need at any particular time and carry out specific searches to find someone who would best match those needs. We believe that by carrying out individual searches for each client we can provide a truly bespoke service and search for any type of domestic help for any length of time.

The placement fee is payable within 14 days from the start date of the placement.

If the person does not work out within 8 weeks of the start date of the placement because he/she has not fulfilled his/her duties under your contract with him/her, we will endeavour to find you another suitable candidate, or if we are unable to do so, we will repay you a pro-rated share of the placement fee depending on how many weeks he/she has worked. However if, the placement fails resulting from a breach on your part of your duties as an employer, a change of heart or if you are in breach of our terms and conditions then you will not be eligible for a replacement or pro-rated refund.

For all permanent placements we strongly advise that you enter into a contract with your Help. This should include duties, hours of work, salary, holiday entitlement, notice period, tax and probation periods if applicable.

If your temporary Help becomes permanent by working more than 6 weeks for you then the difference between the permanent and temporary placement fees becomes payable.

If we have introduced you to that person and you decide at any time to employ him/her then a placement fee will become payable within 14 days from the start date of that person whenever that might be.

In the event that you do want your Help to drive, it would be at your own risk. You should ensure that they are safe before allowing them to drive and you should always have valid insurance for your car. If you are in any doubt as to your Help’s driving capability, we advise giving them a few lessons at the outset.

Yes if there is a real chance that you might employ him/her. You would need to pay the going rate and test his/her skills in relation to your potential job.

You will be responsible for paying tax and national insurance for your Help (if above the tax threshold – see ) and for maintaining any records that the Inland Revenue may require. See or for more details.